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"A rare talent blending excellence and drawing the people to participate in worshiping our God"

- John Tackes, Roof Ridge Church

"His talent in leading is only outshined by his desire to have others reorient their affection upwards "

- Craig Durnst, Jackson Hall Community Church

Cody Davenport grew up in a musical family and was on stage singing before he even remembers. Since his time at Liberty and touring with WorldHelp he has been in full time ministry. ​

His desire is to lead people in worship, not only by singing songs, but also by encouraging and pushing others to live a lifestyle of worship. Building teams and pouring into local church leadership has become a passion.

'Worship should ultimately prompt change, every encounter with God throughout scripture has left that person different. My goal is to lead people into worshiping our God, and watch as He prompts change and growth. A 'successful' worship session ends with people saying "our God is great" and not just "that band was great."

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