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Cody Davenport has been in full time ministry for almost 20 years. One of the things that he has said he wished he had was some sort of mentor or even training to deal with some of the church issues that arise when you are just 20 and in charge of all the music in a church. Whether a leader just needs someone to chat with occasionally for encouragement or accountability, or has more specific needs and questions such as a need to recruit and maintain instrumentalists/vocalists or needs guidance to even handle a shift with a church shifting from one style of music to the next in the church

Coaching Calls

These are check-ins to chat about how your leader is doing spiritually, mentally and what they are currently trying to accomplish in this season.


In Person Dialogue 

This is typically more than just one on one conversation. This would mean bringing Cody wherever you are, to intentionally spend time with your leader and more than likely the entire worship team. This would not just be "class room" setting, but a give and take forum  format with lots practicals and also vision.

Along with this are options for Cody to lead in worship/preach as well.

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